KRD Newsletters

Our newsletters include articles we think are financially helpful to you and your business.  We feature profiles of our clients, articles on accounting and tax related information, and other business related information as well as event calendar of the many associations where we are members and the charities we support .


Joseph Electronics

  • Building Resilience
  • Into Small Businesses
  • Payroll Protection
  • Loan Forgiveness
  • KRD PPP Total Tracker
  • Mid-Year Tax Tips​

KRD - Outsourced Human Resource Services

  • Families First Act & Small Businesses
  • KRD Answering the Call 
  • Forbes Recognition 
  • Setting Goals & Making Them Happen
  • KRD's New Blog


Dental Assisting National BoardTM, Inc. (DANB®)

  • Charitable Acknowledgement & Substantiation 
  • Contract Worker Tax Relief Guidelines
  • 2019 CPA Day of Service
  • 4 Simple Ways to Deal with Stress at Work

Mr. Floor

  • AICPA/IRS Recommendations
  • Charitable Contribution Regulations 
  • Identity Theft & the IRS
  • Staying Focused at Work
  • KRD: Outsourced Accounting Services


  • Scholarships - Are They Taxable Income?
  • Identity Protection Program
  • Tax Relief for Contract Workers?
  • ACA Health Coverage Reporting
  • Best Time of the Day to Make Decisions 


The Buttery Babe

  • 4 Ways to Raid IRAs Penalty Free
  • Family and Medical Tax Credits
  • Smart Financial Moves to Make Now
  • Keep in Touch with KRD on Social Media
  • Body Language Do's and Don'ts 

ASK Power

  • Complimentary Life Insurance Evaluation
  • Tax Consequences for Virtual Currency
  • Squeeze the Most Out of Net Operating Losses
  • State Sales Tax Ramifications
  • Manage Your Time Most Effectively 


  • Highlights and Tax Changes Effective 2018
  • U.S. Tax Compliance for Foreign Students
  • Tax Policies Related to Meal and Entertainment Expenses
  • 5 Things the Most Successful Entrepreneurs do Before Breakfast


Change Design Group  

  • 10 Traits of Successful Business Owners
  • Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Reduce Social Security and Medicare Taxes
  • Passwords to Avoid
  • Year-end Tax Planning Strategies

Industrial And Wholesale Lumber, Inc.  

  • 2017 Tax Brackets & proposed Changes
  • Key Internal Financial Controls
  • Fringe Benefits to Attract & Retain Employees
  • Tax Advantages for Business Expenses


SMART Payment Plan 

  • Illinois Withholding Income Tax Changes - review the new dates
  • Saving Estate Taxes with an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust - tax savings idea
  • Applicable Social Security changes for 2017 - rates and earning maximums

L. Marshall Roofing & Sheet Metal 

  • Critical Medicare Application Timing - understand this timing
  • Are You a Great Manager - Part II -  test yourself
  • Overtime Threshold Increase Update -  are you or your employees affected?
  • Transferring Your Residence to Your Children - interesting option

Bales Metal Surface Solutions 

  • Tax Planning -- All Year
  • Are You a Great Manager - Test yourself
  • Social Security Opportunities Expiring Soon
  • Roth IRA Contributions for 2015 - There's Still Time


Summer 2015 Instituto Del Progreso Latino 

  • Taxes and Inheriting an IRA
  • Renting Your Residence for a Tax Shelter
  • Values-Based Leadership
  • What is the New myRA?

Winter/Spring 2015 Master Molded Products Corporation 

  • Record Retention Guidelines
  • Property Taxes Again
  • Management Ideas
  • Strategies to Reduce Your Medicare Tax


Fall, Lyons Consulting Group, Inc 

  • Can You Reduce Your Property Taxes
  • Happy Employees are Productive Employees
  • Business Tax Deductions to Remember
  • International Corner: GGI World Conference
  • Can an IC-DISC Benefit Your Company Financially?

Spring, Suparossa Restaurant Group 

  • Business Vehicles–Depreciation Limits & a Tax Loop Hole
  • Your Inheritance, Your Children & Your New Spouse
  • Motivate Your Employees
  • International Corner: GGI World Conference
  • Captive Insurance – Self Insurance for Businesses

Winter, CTL Global, Inc  

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) - Tax Savings
  • Home-sale Gain Tax Exclusion – Full or Partial?
  • IRS Dirty Dozen Tax Scams
  • International Corner: GGI World Conference
  • Ten Networking Rules


Summer, MAKE Corporation

  • Compare SEP IRAs to SIMPLE IRAs
  • Long-Term Care — Are You Ready?
  • International Corner: GGI Ranks 6th in World
  • Dealing with Upset Customers

Spring, Clingan Steel, Inc.

  • IRS Red Flags for Income Tax Return Audits
  • Thinking Ahead — Net Investment Income Tax
  • Reporting Employer Provided Health Coverage on Form W-2