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The 10 Biggest Money Leaks in Your Accounting System

The last thing entrepreneurs want is for their hard-earned dollars to go down the drain because of a money leak in their business. Since so many entrepreneurs are working harder than ever before earning their living, it just makes sense to shore up every profit leak possible.  But you might not know where they are or what […]

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Estate Planning Wills Probate & Transfer of Assets

A will allows the testator (the person creating the will) to specify: • Who receives property at the testator’s death. • Whether beneficiaries receive gifts outright or in trust. • Who will act as personal representative. • Who will be the guardian of minor children. In the absence of a will, these matters are settled […]

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Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): What You Need to Know

The alternative minimum tax was originally enacted to ensure that high-income taxpayers pay at least a minimum amount of tax if they benefit from certain deductions and other tax preference items. The AMT tax computation is a parallel system to the regular tax system with its own definitions of income and expenses, rules for income […]

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