Health Savings Accounts Adjusted for Inflation

The adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are announced earlier than other tax provisions so employers and health providers have enough time to make the changes before the annual benefits enrollment season in the fall.
The new amounts for 2016 are shown below (compared to 2015)
  2016 2015
Self-only Coverage:                       
Contribution limit: $3,350 $3,350
Plan minimum deductible           $1,300 $1,300
Plan out-of-pocket limit* $6,550 $6,450
Family Coverage:    
Contribution limit: $6,750 $6,650
Plan minimum deductible $2,600 $2,600
Plan out-of-pocket limit* $13,100 $12,900
Catch-up contribution age 55 or older $1,000 $1,000
*Deductibles, copayments and other amounts, but not premiums    
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