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KRD Client Profile: TAJMAC-USA

Family-Owned Business Adapts for Success in a Changing World.

Your weekly trip to the grocery store.
Titanium fittings for joint replacements.
Essential components that make aerospace travel possible.

Can you connect the dots, or should we say screws? Almost every mechanical device in use today requires some form of screw machine turnings in its manufacture and operation. To give you an idea of the scope, a standard commercial aircraft is held together with over 750,000 fasteners, all made possible by state-of-the-art engineering and CNC (Computer-numerical controlled machining).

A New World Order Creates New Opportunities.

Founded in Europe prior to WWll, the TAJMAC-Group has its roots in ammunition related manufacturing. Once the war ended, founder Amedeo Tajariol knew a pivot would be necessary to remain in business. The new company, Macchine Utensili Tajariol, started producing and selling automatic lathes for use in a variety of manufacturing applications. Seventy years later, TAJMAC remains a family-owned business and a global entity capable of supplying multi-spindle lathes and metalworking machinery to producers worldwide.

“From the foundry in Czech Republic to our satellite facilities in the UK, Italy, India, China, and North America, TAJMAC is more than just a supplier. We design and produce lathes that significantly reduce cycle time and set the standard for precision, uniformity, and material consistency,” comments Jeremy Rose, CEO, TAJMAC-USA. Rose also mentions that a customer-centric focus on providing tailored solutions, in conjunction with 24/7 parts and service support is what sets TAJMAC-Group apart from other CAM/CNC Machine Tool Companies and instrumental to their success.

Turning to the Future

With increased life expectancies, growing influence of electric vehicles, and the concept of space tourism becoming more reality than science fiction, TAJMAC-Group has its eye to the future, constantly evolving and developing new technologies to serve the engineers and manufacturers driving this brave new world. The road is not without challenges, according to Rose, inspiring young people to seek a career in CAM/CNC manufacturing is essential.

“There is a shortage of young, skilled machinists entering the workforce able to perform at the extremes of manufacturing, high precision and mass production. As CAM /CNC software and machines become more complex, the skills required of a machinist or machine operator advance to approach that of a computer programmer or engineer and we need to ensure that the appropriate training and support is in place to keep the talent pool full.”

A Partnership for the Ages

The TAJMAC-GROUP and KRD’s relationship is long standing, built on a solid foundation of mutual respect and vision. As fate would have it, a social encounter brought Rose and KRD’s Gene Barinholtz together. Great things took off from there.

“GB offered to take a look at my books and in just one week KRD and Gene had matters straightened out, they even uncovered employment and R&D tax breaks I never knew were available,” noted Rose. “The knowledge base at KRD is an invaluable resource. I have, and will continue to, recommend GB and KRD to all my business associates and peers.”


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