KRD Mergers and Acquisitions

KRD is a fast growing accounting firm always interested in opportunities for growth.  We have completed successful mergers over the past few years.  The combined firms joined us to continue their practice and to increase their business opportunities.

Many smaller accounting firms have leaders who anticipate retiring, or at least reducing their work level in the not too distant future. By combining with KRD, they can ensure their clients will continue to be served well leading up to their retirement, and then beyond.  A merger also reduces the need to manage their administrative burden.

The KRD merger with Rockoff, Harlan, Rasof, Ltd. includes new partners, Mike Harlan, Bruce Taylor and Allen Weingarten.  Michael Harlan stated, "Together we will continue to offer high quality, personal service to our clients in addition to more extensive services we have not been able to provide in the past.  We are excited about this new venture and feel confident that with KRD's talented, dedicated staff, we are well positioned to successfully move the firm forward."

KRD's merger with Popowcer Katten, Ltd. includes new partners Leonard Popowcer, Lois West and Mary Collins.  "We are excited about this merger.  It is apparent that the combination of our professional staffs will offer our clients additional services and expertise." stated Leonard Popowcer.

Marc Fixler, a former leader of Wolf, Weis & Horowitz which merged with KRD a few years ago, said, “My office responsibilities forced me to miss too many opportunities to enjoy my favorite part of the business, meeting with clients.  After 45 years in the accounting profession, the KRD resources allow me to both meet with my clients more regularly and to play golf more often!”

For some merger-candidate firms, we offer an opportunity to significantly increase their revenues.  The professional and administrative support structure of KRD creates those opportunities; first, to offer a greater range of services to existing clients and second, to actively seek much larger new clients.

Gene Barinholtz describes his merger with KRD. “After almost 25 years co-leading my own firm, KRD’s great resources enable me to leave the office more frequently now with even greater confidence that more things will get done correctly.  I have the time to meet with prospective clients, some who I’ve known for years.  They told me they wanted me as their CPA but wanted a firm more targeted on their revenue size.  I have those opportunities now and many more.”

If you want to discuss a merger or acquisition opportunity, please contact Allen Kutchins at 847-240-1040 ext. 135 or