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KRD Summer Newsletter Client Spotlight: Joseph Electronics

It is generally recognized that the first radio transmission was made from a temporary station set up by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895. Few at the time could ever begin to imagine what would follow.

Over seventy years ago, when Joseph Electronics opened for business buying surplus electronics from the Military and re-purposing them for sale to the growing broadcast communications industry, they also could not have envisioned what was in store for their future.

Plugged in Early On

For the past seven decades, when the most recognized names in the broadcasting industry have needed customized, reliable solutions, they call on Joseph Electronics (JE). As a global distributor, designer, and manufacturer, JE supplies innovative custom fiber and copper solutions that allow viewers worldwide to watch their favorite sporting events, newscasts and other programming with reliable, high definition quality and speed.

“Think broadcast one-stop shopping, 24-hour service,” comments Yohay Hahamy, Joseph Electronics CEO. “From microphone to camera to the broadcast booth and beyond, JE supplies the signal connectors needed to provide the viewing audience with the superior product they expect these days.”

Along with designing customized audio/visual solutions, JE is an authorized distributor for more than 100 different product lines, with stocking locations in both Illinois and California. Joseph Electronics remained family owned until 1989. By then, the business
had expanded from the service industry into the industrial electronics and broadcast markets. In 2001, Hahamy, at the time a Senior VP, and another colleague purchased the business and refocused their efforts on the exploding HDTV market.

Wired to Succeed

With an eye to the future, JE was quickly establishing themselves as a leading HDTV solutions provider and with their reputation for unmatched customer service and expertise the sky was the limit. According to Hahamy, “JE’s strongest asset has always been our people – driven, loyal, and experienced.” Many of JE’s employees have been with the company for decades, the result of supportive management who believe in training and promoting from within as a key to long term success. John Cleary, JE’s current President is a textbook example. Cleary started at JE in 1982 on a part-time basis while attending college. After stints in sales, operations, and strategic planning,
John was promoted to his current position.

“JE’s success can be directly attributed to the way they care for their people,” noted Cleary. “Mine is just one of many career success stories to come out of the company.”

When asked what else he believes sets Joseph Electronics apart from the competition, his answer is unequivocally the individualized, person-to-person customer service they provide. Customers know they can pick up the telephone anytime and talk with someone they have worked with and trusted for years to provide the expert advice and solutions they’re looking for.

Connections That Last

Hahamy has been working with KRD’s Rob Eisenstadt for over 30 years and is a firm believer is the notion that you do business with people, not companies. He describes Rob, and KRD, as a fiduciaries of JE – honest, smart, and an integral part of their continued growth and success.

Cleary finds KRD’s values and dedication to service an excellent fit. “One thing that has always stood out is KRD’s responsiveness. Calls are answered by a live person, emails are returned promptly, and most importantly, they know what they’re talking about.”


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