Payday Lender/Bill and Loan Payment Services

KRD audit professionals provide non-biased, high-quality audits, reviews and compilations to bill and loan payment service providers in order to ensure that they are in compliance with state regulatory agencies. 

With ongoing negative public perceptions of the finance industry and increasing demands from regulatory agencies, bill and loan payment processors and payday lenders serving both companies and individuals are continually under scrutiny. It’s imperative that they provide proof of the accuracy of their financial statements in meeting state regulations.

KRD works with payment processors and loan aggregators to provide verification that the state mandated requirements are being met.  We perform specific audit steps and provide the documentation needed.  And as with all our audit services, we’re readily available to answer any questions or address any issues before, during or after the audit process.

Please contact Allen Kutchins at (847) 278-4335 or via email at to learn how your bill and loan payment service company can benefit from an audit, review, or compilation by KRD.