Family Office Services

KRD Family Office Services gives families that have substantial assets the opportunity to enjoy many of the benefits associated with a professional, personalized family office at a more moderate cost than would be possible with a stand-alone office. Most importantly, KRD Family Office Services provides individualized attention from an outstanding team of professionals. No two family offices are exactly alike because no two families have precisely the same needs. The diverse expertise and resources of KRD allow us to provide a flexible menu of service options from which individual families can select many or just a few. Whether your family’s needs involve complex issues of wealth management and tax planning or something as straightforward as looking after the cash management and accounting requirements of a jointly owned investment property, KRD stands ready to provide the confidential, dependable and knowledgeable assistance you require. Our Family Office Services include:

KRD is always committed to protecting the privacy of its clients, and that is especially true when it comes to our Family Office Services. We understand that families want their financial affairs kept private relative to non-family members and that family members desire some level of privacy even within the family circle. Thus we place a premium on ascertaining and meeting each family’s expectations in this regard.