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KRD Spotlight – Outsourced HR Services

KRD Adds a Valued-Added Offering to Better Serve Our Clients – Outsourced Human Resource Services

It’s often said that necessity is the mother of invention. One game-changing innovation began with need to streamline processes and maximize resources, which resulted in the outsourcing of certain business-related operations that are not directly related to the
generation of income.

By no means a new concept, outsourcing of legal, advertising, printing, and computer services, has allowed companies of all sizes to benefit from professional expertise without substantially increasing their overhead. KRD has been providing Outsourced
Accounting Services to our clients for a number of years. And now we are pleased to announce a new offering – Outsourced Human Resource Services.

We caught up with our HR professional, Christi Polep who is heading up the services, to discuss the ins and outs of outsourcing HR functions and how it can be beneficial to you and your company.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your career progression?

CP: My career in human resources began while attending Roosevelt University and employed in the HR department at Marshall Field’s, the iconic Chicago department store. I’ve had the privilege of working a variety of disciplines including government,
manufacturing and not-for-profit. This breadth of experience has been extremely beneficial for my role here at KRD and serving our clients.

Q: What does a typical day at KRD entail?

CP: Typical is not really a word I would readily use. Every day is different with unique
challenges and opportunities. Like most of my KRD colleagues, it requires wearing many hats and the ability to turn on a dime.

Q: How did the idea to offer outsourced HR services come about?

CP: The concept really came about quite organically. HR questions from existing clients started popping up more frequently and KRD, as a true partner in our clients’ success, was happy to offer guidance wherever and whenever needed. As that need continued
to grow, the time was right to provide something more robust than just ad hoc HR advice. I believe it’s a natural extension of our holistic approach to the consulting business.

Q: What are some key benefits of an outsourced HR department?

CP: There are many, but essentially it eliminates the administrative burden and allows companies to focus on their core business. Equally important, outsourcing HR functions, especially when there is not a department in place, can help mitigate risk and maintain compliance in a dynamic arena where complex employment and wage laws are updated or added yearly. This all results in increased efficiencies and a positive impact on the bottom line. On a more personal note, I find it very rewarding getting to know our clients and their businesses in more depth and offering my expertise to help them succeed.

At KRD we can help with all your human resource service needs. Whether it’s help in recruiting talent, managing payroll, developing a compensation/benefit plan, employee guidelines and relations, or policies and procedures, we offer flexible solutions to suit your HR needs.

For more information, please contact Christi at HR@krdcpas.com.


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