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Taskforce HR Creates Service Delivery Model Uniquely Customized to Meet Client Specific Needs

One size definitely does not fit all. Taskforce HR principal, Jay Petrick, along with partner Jeff Hughes, knew this to be true, especially for HR outsourcing, a space in which they both have many years of experience. In 2011, they set out to create a company that offered small to mid-size companies a single source solution for their human resources, payroll, insurance and retirement service needs.

“There used to be just two choices for HR outsourcing providers, large corporate entities offering, and charging for, an exhaustive portfolio of services and 1-800 bare-bones operators,” noted Petrick. “The need for a service model focused on unique customer needs was clear. And that’s how Taskforce HR came to fruition.”

Valued Services. Unmatched Expertise. Lasting Relationships.

Outsourcing of HR services is a dynamic segment of business process outsourcing, powered by companies seeking increased efficiencies and reduction of the administrative burden, freeing up resources to focus on core business objectives. Taskforce HR’s clients benefit from this model and receive the added advantage of in-house expertise and a commitment to value that is second to none. Jay and his partners, Jeff Hughes and Kris Petrick, take the time and effort necessary to understand the client’s business and, most importantly, their human capital needs.

“At Taskforce HR we truly believe our high-touch approach helps us identify a client’s specific needs. Whether it’s a full service solution with the look and feel of a PEO (professional employer organization) or a suite of select services, we create a cost-effective, customized solution, integral to their overall success.” comments Petrick.

By embedding themselves within the organization, Taskforce HR creates a seamless experience for employer and employee alike. This all requires added time, attention and expense on their part, but it pays off. Taskforce HR averages a 97% client retention rate and has seen revenue growth almost every year, including 2020.

A Challenging Year. A Brighter Future.

The past year tested everyone’s mettle – both personally and professionally. Taskforce HR was right there in the trenches too. Not only did they have to ensure the well-being of their employees, but they also came to the aid of others as well. By becoming SMEs (small and mid-size enterprises) on government pandemic policy they were able to help their clients navigate the often confusing and ever-changing information being disseminated. Being there through thick and thin is in Taskforce HR’s DNA. According to Petrick, “it solidified our position as a trusted partner and not just another expendable vendor.”

As things move forward Jay’s advice to employers is spot on. “The need to be flexible is more important now than ever. It’s hard to know what someone is going through and keeping an open mind with your employees, and one another, will not only help us all collectively but help your company prosper in the years to come.”

Similar Values. Trusted Partners.

Taskforce HR and KRD’s symbiotic relationship transcends the nature of a typical financial consultant/client arrangement according to Petrick. “Steve Gillette and KRD have helped us in so many ways. Not only do we rely on their expert business advice, but they also impart intangible knowledge that we can pass on to our clients, which helps everyone succeed on multiple levels.”


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